To me nothing is more magnificent than nature, it has such beauty and power, it can lull us to sleep with a soft breeze or terrify us with noisy rumblings. I think our ancestors were right in showing thanks to Mother Nature with special feasts and gratitude. this world belongs more to nature than to us, but this is not about nature it is about us living the life of abundance that we are intended to live if we live by the universal laws.

According to The Magic, we will have magnificent outcomes if we give thanks in advance for it. This is much like my father’s practice of imagining our day ahead and all going as we wish. I believe the assumption was that we would be grateful, so I don’t recall it as a specific instruction.

Ms. Byrne points out that “hoping” wishing for “luck” and that things are “okay” are all counter productive as they suggest life is by chance or luck when in fact the universe operates on a strict mathematical basis, which governs all the Universal Laws from gravity to the law that governs outcomes — the law of attraction. You get what you are thinking and feeling; no more and no less.

You must know without hesitation that the outcome will be as you design it, as you wish it, but you must also adhere tot he rules and feel grateful, thankful and blessed.



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