“What’s going on in the inside shows on the outside.” — Earl Nightingale

alien costumeThe laws of the Universe are simple, it’s our human nature that complicates everything. I’m still trying to fit together how we’ve managed to turn the garden of Eden into such a maze of confusion, complications, wrong turns, dead ends and all other sorts of road blocks.

I think it begins with the parenting, and I’m not blaming mine or even my grandparents because they all did the best they could with the resources and knowledge they had at the time. It hasn’t been until the end of the baby-boom generation that awareness of being was openly discussed: previous generations were locked in a daily fight for survival and keeping food on the table and a dry place to sleep, but with the advancements of the 20th century came more available time for thought and education. The 21st century brings even more tools and treasures for living the laws of the Universe, if only we can shed programming of our pasts.

Early in life we learn to assign blame and shift it away from ourselves. If parents and society could teach and reward taking responsibility for our actions we’d all be so much better off. I believe that by learning so young to deny our responsibility for our actions we give away our true power. Our world is created out of our core thoughts, beliefs and from every conscious and unconscious thought that flickers through our mind. We are responsible for what we think and what goes on inside our heads, and that manifests in our outside being. You can say you want something, but the truth of what you truly “want” or believe you deserve is mirrored in the life you are living. So, if we say we want to be happily married or make a better wage, whatever the desire, it’s there in this abundant Universe for our having, but not as long as we are content to blame someone else for why we don’t have it now. We have to have the courage to say, “Right now I don’t have XXX, but that’s all past and now I’m magnetizing to me XXX for the highest good of all concerned.”

Life is all about the journey of the moment so, why must we blame anyone for any of it? Life happens as we each create for the experiences our higher self requires for the life lessons we each agreed upon before we took our first breath.

If you look in the mirror and you see an alien then you’re not connected to your core being, and that connection is vital for living the purpose you intended for your soul. I, and so many others, want to protect who we are, we feel vulnerable and think that by shutting down, isolating or putting on a face we will shelter that part of us that we feel is too delicate to be exposed, but in truth our lives constantly betray our deepest fears, insecurities and core beliefs, because we spend so much energy and focus hiding them, worrying about them or blaming others for them… and yes, we manifest that which we focus on, that which we truly believe in our core.

Next time your boss says, “Who screwed this up?” Take back your power and with confidence own it, acknowledge it and declare how you don’t need to make a mistake twice to learn how to prevent it in the future. You will be surprised how much faster and less painful it is to deal with it this way. Same with a friend or lover that gets upset over something you did and it wasn’t right. Don’t do the blame game or denial dance: say right out, “I take responsibility, and now I see …” Rather than spend hours fighting and planting seeds of doubt and distrust, it will be done with quickly and it’s amazing how much joy and happiness can fill the air when we come from responsibility and honesty.

So, if your house is a cluttered mess, likely your mind is as well. I used to work with a gifted teacher named Louis Russo who is now back in spirit, and he had a system he taught for deciphering the clues of our outer life to understand better our spirit. He’d ask you what was going on with your car and whatever you said, he was able to connect it to what was happening in your body and life; a messy, cluttered car – a life in chaos, a slow leak in the tire on the right of the car – your emotional foundation has a problem, headlights out – you have a problem seeing what’s in front of you. The translations or symbology is always pretty literal we just need to look at the clues, hints, messages our outer world is reflecting to us.



ImageThis was taken while on a trip to Mexico at the Rio Secreto underground caves. For me I find nature to be vital to my center, my ability to stay grateful and approach life with the wonder and appreciation of a child. We spend so much time trying to grow-up that we lose touch with the value of our child-self; the part of us who saw life as our playground, our adventure, our kingdom of joy…. Children manifest their dreams much faster than we adults. I’ve found  when speaking to extraordinary adults that they kept their child-self close, they day dream, the wish, they talk about what they want as if they have it and always with such joy and enthusiasm. Whenever I am feeling I’ve lost my child-self a visit to the beach or walk in the forest, any place that will put me back into the kingdom of joy. Dream your dreams, have at least one person you can share your dreams with that supports you in manifesting them and you will live your dreams. I know because for several years I was able to travel the world for free, actually not just free… I was paid to travel! You are the source of the life you live, so make sure you’re living your dreams.


ImageOne of the many gifts of my initial Magical 28 Day Journey was the process of healing relationships and sorting what is healthy for my life at this stage and those which are counter-productive to fulfilling my life purpose. We learn so much about ourselves from the people we come in contact with each day, even the clerk ringing up our groceries is a mirror, and while I’m grateful for every person who touches my life I’m finding that having history with someone is valuable and powerful.

The Magic has been guiding me to relationships that I believed were done either because they in some way betrayed or let me down, or we mutually in some way did not fit in each others lives any longer, or maybe they felt I let them down. I trust and believe that life happens for the best of all concerned, and our journey is not always designed to share every moment with others, but it’s also not so black and white that just because there is a break in contact that you will not grow together again. The trick is being aware that you each had an aspect of your life to live, learn and grow from so, reconnecting is not about the past, but about your growth and the gift of what that growth brings to each person now.

What I’ve seen is the healthy reconnections are more about NOW and FUTURE, and very little, if at all, about whatever caused the breech. On the other side of that coin is the individual that hasn’t grown at all, and comes back with blame, anger, crazy drama and that’s your challenge and opportunity to test your own growth by not engaging, not explaining, not picking up the dysfunction, but blessing them and surrounding them in love and light and walking away. We must protect our energy field; fortify it with those who send us love and light, shut out those who come in darkness and want only to make you feel their pain.

Ms. Byrne says that “for every one complaint about another person, whether in thought or word, there have to be ten blessings for the relationship to flourish.”  Being truly grateful for another person endows you with more understanding, patience, kindness and empathy for them and yourself. To be truly grateful you accept them, and you,  as they are and are thankful that who they are, the good and not so good, contributed to who you are, and if you are happy with who you are then be grateful for their flaws as much as their perfection, because the smallest alteration of what was alters what is.

FOCUS PRECEDES SUCCESS: If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter if your alarm doesn’t go off in the morning… Denis Waitley

photoWhat I am finding in the aftermath of my Magic 28 Days is that I need Magic 24/7 Days! It is about having the focus and purpose defined each day to set my path for the day. Being self-employed it is far too easy to slip into endless days of lazy summer indulgences. Waking up and having the task of writing down at least 10 things I am grateful for and then affirming the actions for the day is more productive for me than just getting up, sliding into my day as I feel it or an outside obligation dictates and hoping something comes of it.

Denis Waitley also says, “Your mind is the most marvelous bio-computer ever created. It does not deal with vague ideas; it is activated by specifics.” So, what are you doing to set your day in motion? I’d love some ideas to see how I might have even more successful days. Please share….


The Laws of the Universe have been with us from the beginning of time and are reflected in writings and teachings from the bible to philosophers throughout the ages. The Secret has never truly been a secret just ignored by laziness of human nature or taken for granted by self-sabotage.

In these days since the last exercise on day 28 I have been very mindful of my personal thoughts and admit it is a constant vigil to keep grateful thoughts at the front of consciousness. What I notice the most is the negative-speak from those around me. People who should know better, who are life coaches, counselors, and students of the law of attraction. So, if they know that when they feel love, happiness, gratitude, joy, passion, freedom and appreciation they are connected to their Divine energy and it is this energy that attracts to you your desires why do they run as fast as they can to lack, scarcity, worry, anger, depression, jealousy, self-doubt, and dozens of other negative, self-defeating feelings? When I try to stop them and remind them that by feeling and speaking that, it is more of what they don’t want and will be knocking at their door until they turn it off and move their energy back to gratitude, love, joy, abundance of all good things. So, even when we know what is best for us, when we know how it works, why do we persist in NOT DOING that which answers all our prayers?

I have a friend who actually introduced me to The Magic when I saw the book on her table, she attends weekly Kabbalah classes (Kabbalah is very much about the law of the attraction) and talks about the principles so I know she knows, yet she is so negative about her financial situation and the opportunity for abundance beyond her wildest dreams is right in front of her. A few months back she got into my anti-aging business, which is one of the biggest industries with unlimited earning income because our product is the only product in the world with a clinically tested, proven and PATENTED proprietary antioxidant that sets it apart from all others. She herself has used the product and in just 3 months she’s taken 5 years off her face and her skin is looking amazing. If you’d seen how thick, dull and old her skin looked before and how it looks now you’d say, “Wow! She is a walking advertisement and must be making a mint.” But instead she complains about the cost, we’re talking $80 a month when most products on the market claiming to do what this does, but don’t, start around $200 up to $600. Also, if she just gets 3 preferred customers her product is FREE as long as she has at least 3… what company does that? So, she has all these clients complaining about cost and buying retail from her opposed to being preferred clients. It just doesn’t make sense. She has so many contacts and should be making a small fortune yet she doesn’t talk to the people in her contact list that would make that her reality instead of the people who are mirroring her state of lack, unhappiness, discontent and complaining. She has not attended a single training, hasn’t taken advantage of any of the online training available in her back office, or held a single party to announce her business. When I say, “You know focusing on the negative will only bring you more negatives.” She says she knows and continues on! I’ve got people that got onboard with me around the same time as she did who have added $1,000 or more to their monthly income, plus have qualified for the car bonus! They all had less resources than she has, and none of them had as dramatic improvement in their own skin as she has had, so why their success and not hers? The main difference is they talk about how inexpensive it is compared to the products that make claims but don’t have results like we do, they are so happy and thankful that they don’t have to pay for their monthly product and really grateful for the free inventory the company rewards us with, they are passionate about attending the training and feel blessed that we don’t work we host parties.

To me being happy is easier and certainly more fun, so why do any of us choose to dwell in the negative?